Dr. Deepak Dougar

Dr. Raj Kanodia Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills


“Within a matter of weeks working with KC, I locked in 2 new HIGH Paying patients that will be recurring! Things are really starting to move along, all thanks to KC!”


"While working with KC, I have been closing every single tax prep client that comes in. I had a client who needed to get estimated payments done and I charged him 3x the price I would generally charge


Thanks KC"



Dr. Kambiz Silani

Beverly Hills Optometry


“KC is exactly right when he teaches that content and tech are such time killers. I got new clients last month after starting to implement his modern marketing tactics. Exactly 1 month later they referred their best friend. All because of: Focus on targeting, retargeting and great customer service. Deliver impeccable service, Repeat, and Get referrals. Thanks KC!”



“Soon after I joined the program, I quickly saw my firm grow to the largest it has been in 2 years!


Big thanks to KC!”



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